Darwin – The Speed Capital Of Australia

For those who love the thrill of auto races, they are set to see more action in Darwin. This city of Australia will probably get more than its fair share of thrill and action from car races. This is also because of several events that are lined up here this year. 

The most popular speeding event

Australia has become a favored venue for drag racing as enthusiasts for such a sport has increased considerably in recent years. The weather might be down several degrees in this part of the world now, but that has not prevented a drag event being organized in Darwin known as Nitro Up North.The event would be held in the Hidden Valley Drag Strip and there have been 120 entries and more for this event. The expectations from this event are high among the followers and participants. There would be several rounds in this event like the Summit Sportsman series, 400 Thunder Drag Racing series and others. As a result the team would be participating in these events from across the country. For those who would be missing out on the action can catch it on their favorite hot rod magazine subscription

What to watch out for?

There would be fastest and loudest models on the show such as the Top Fuel drag car models. These are known to be able to reach a speed of 530 kmph in a matter of 4.5 seconds, thanks to the nitro fuelled engines they come with that have about 10,000 horsepower capability. If you have not caught on the latest Top Fuel dragster models and what they can achieve, read it all up in the past issues of any popular hot rod magazine in the country. Fans will get to watch popular figures like Mark Sheehan in town. He would be having his Nitro Madman model on display before the events begin. He has raced the car in Nitro Up North event that was held last year and looks forward to doing it again. He states that driving this car is akin to riding a very fast motorbike. If you are a fan of the dragsters and the races where they participate in, the best way to stay tuned is to subscribe to a popular hot rods or drag racing magazine of the country. You will surely get the latest news and know what is forthcoming in the exciting world of drag racing. Many magazines have an online subscription offers that give you exciting discounts and provide you digital copies at nominal prices.