Hi-Tech Christmas Gifts For The Tech Geek In Your Family

On the one hand it is easy to decide what to get the tech-geek in the family because they are obsessed with technological innovations and anything tech can satisfy them. On the other hand, their very obsession may make them nit-pick their gifts, making them the ultimate non-satisfied customer, no matter how many gifts you give them. So here are some suggestions for your shopping spree next time you go gift shopping for a geeky cousin:

Pop Culture Fan Merchandise

If your friend/family member is anything like the usual nerds/geeks, then they will also have their own favourite among comic or pop culture. If they appreciate the false technology used in the comics, films or books that they obsess over, you could find andbuy something that ties in with that as a Christmas present. For instance, there are vintage lightsabers for sale online from the time when the original Star Wars movies were released. Or you could go for the more sophisticated tech now available around Comic Con and buy an actual laser beamed lightsaber. These will not come cheap, but nor will be the smile on the face of your friend/cousin. Visit this page if you are looking for 3dr drone.

Technological Innovations in Social Skills

They may need a bit of help with their social skills, so anything that willhelp them interact more with people or do more “normal” things will be an added bonus. Try giving them something like a selfie drone, which keeps getting better all the time, and is now available in packable, light weight models that can be carried around in a backpack.

All you have to do is fix a camera or phone onto the helpful selfie drone and use the remote control to operate the battery powered drone and get it in position before you press the ‘capture’ button and say “selfie!” If they don’t like selfies, they can always modify it to hold something other than a camera. Other cool gadgets can include smart watches, Google glasses or holograph consoles.

Raw Material or Parts for Building

If your friend/family member is more into building and innovating with tech, then you can also get them extra parts and other raw material they will need. Even small things like chrome wire, fibre optics and certain metals are not cheap and they may be stuck on a project without a way to move forward as they cannot afford to buy something they need. Offer to pay a certain amount to get what they need; ask what they would like and buy them that; or give them the money and let them purchase what they want. Just make sure to call dibs on viewing and maybe trying out whatever it is they are making.

Planning a Teenage Child’s Birthday Celebration

The adolescent years of a child are considered one of their most important stages in terms of growth and development. Especially regarding the aspect of mental development, a child’s teenage stage is considered a crucial stepping-stone that will equip him with the tools to succeed in life as an adult.

However, mainly due to these significant changes and the child ‘coming to their own’, there tends to be a gap in perspective between adults and teenagers. Often misunderstood for this reason, teenagers lean more towards stubbornness and disagreeableness as part of this ‘rebel’ stage. As such, things like birthday parties may be considered unnecessary and even embarrassing, by an adolescent.

Therefore it is important to celebrate the milestone years of their lives in a way that provides for their enjoyment, facilitating both their happiness as well as further closing of the gap between parent and child.

Potential themes

Teenagers are steadfast individuals with specific tastes and interests. Gravitating more towards the unique and exciting, there are a few options that may satisfy their discerning standards. For example, activities such as bowling and fun paintball tournaments are both activities that may interest your child. Hence, organizing such an event will allow them and their friends to have a highly enjoyable evening.

Financing the event

Highly specific activities such as paintball in Melbourne and gaming events require special venues that need to be rented out to accommodate your event. This may involve a significant cost incurred. As such, it is important to plan the event well in order to avoid unnecessary expenditure. For instance, the food for the event can be prepared at home, and a part of the celebration can be held at your house before you make your way to the venue. This will also enable an actual celebratory arrangement rather than an average day of bowling with friends.

Booking your venue a few weeks in advance will also ensure costs of a last-minute booking, which tend to be higher, are avoided. You may also be able to receive a discount on the venue if the number of participants is large and it publicizes the venue through your event.

Parental consent and safety

The aforementioned specific events will be activities that require parental consent. All parents and guardians of the attending children should be made aware of the activities for the day as well as the location of the venue.

It is also your responsibility as the organizing parent to ensure the safety of all the participating children, while at your event.